Car Swoosh

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it possible to purchase car hire without using a credit card?

It is very rare for a rental company not to require the customer to use their credit card when renting a car. Please check with the specific suppliers terms in advance.

2) Can I book a car for today?

Yes it is possible to book a hire car last minute, providing it's not too late in the day, although this may not apply to all locations. Please check with the supplier before making a payment.

3) What is included in my booking?

Please check your supplier's terms and conditions before renting a vehicle, as each supplier will offer various inclusions and for different locations.

4) What is the fuel policy?

Regarding fuel policies, check our terms and conditions and also the local supplier's terms and conditions on the booking page. These policies may vary between suppliers and is dependent on your chosen location. Please ensure you have read and understood these policies before travelling, and that you are aware of any charges that may be made in advance for fuel.

5) Is mileage always unlimited, if not, when isn't it?

Unlimited mileage will always be stated in the supplier's terms and conditions. Please check this before making a booking.

6) How are car hire 'days' calculated?

Car Hire works on a 24 hour clock, so if you rent from 10am Monday to 10am Tuesday this is considered 1 day. If you rent from 10am Monday to 1pm Tuesday you have then passed 24 hours and have therefore entered a second day of rental and will therefore be charged for 2 days rental. Please therefore check your times carefully when booking as times can have a big impact on price.

7) Do I need both parts of a UK driving license?

You will need to provide the paper part of your license as well as the photo card. If you are unable to show either of these two documents the local supplier will not be able to offer you a rental vehicle. In some cases the supplier will accept the photo card only. For those of you who have never been issued a new style driver's license then the old style paper license is accepted.

8) Many rental companies require a flight number when booking a vehicle, will I?

Yes, you will need to provide your supplier with a flight number in case of any changes to flight times. Suppliers are able to track your time of arrival and if there are any delays. If you do not provide your flight number and you are delayed, it then becomes your responsibility to advise the supplier of any late arrival.

9) Do you charge for amendments?

Car Hire Depot does not charge for any amendments to bookings.

10) Am I entitled to a refund if I return my vehicle early?

No, I'm afraid you are not entitled to a refund. Car Hire Depot is unfortunately not able to refund any unused days or part days if the vehicle is returned early. It is at the discretion of our car hire partner's whether or not they wish to offer a refund or form of compensation for your early return of the vehicle.